The Hand-Written Thank You Note

Working for DOPE Magazine can definitely have its perks from time to time. And just to be honest, one of the finest of the perks is the vast array of products and apparel that makes its way through our offices. At which point, our not hard job of reviewing cool free stuff begins.

But it isn’t all fun and games. Oftentimes we are blown away with what we’re seeing, but there are also some bizarre pieces of stoner gadgetry we aren’t all that impressed by. Recently, amidst all the potential product spreads, reviews and gift guides we’re coordinating, I received something that blew me away. Truth be told, I hadn’t seen one of these things in a long time.

It was a hand-written thank you note from The Highest Culture Clothing Company.

You see, I see weed stuff all the time. A thoughtful letter atop a pile of stylish cannabis lifestyle t-shirts, not so much.

After admiring the note and checking out the apparel, I can highly recommend you check out The Highest Culture Clothing Company. This industry has a lot of great people in it, and these folks appear to be some of them.

Check out their Instagram @thehighestcultureclothing

By: Meghan Ridley 

February 12, 2016, 8:00 am

Highest Culture